1. Evidence of the amount in weight of ingredients used in the pizza (acceptable evidence includes order/delivery invoices and letters from suppliers verifying how much of a particular ingredient was provided) 

Total weights as follows:

  • 17756 lbs of dough= 8053Kg
  • 768 A10 Cans of Sauce= approx. 5000lbs. 2267 Kilo
  • 3900 lbs of cheese 1770 kilos

2. The final number of people who helped prepare the pizza, including the teams preparing the ingredients on the days before (just tell me the number, no evidentiary proof is necessary)

  • 100 People including the prep folks

3. The total number of hours spent preparing and cooking the pizza (including all dough prep hours)

  • 40 hrs prep + 14 hrs cooking= 54 hrs