Attempting records is an inherent part of anyone's spiritual journey; something that unites. Something that brings out the very best in everyone. A reason to celebrate humanity and friendship.

The world loves pizza. Is there another dish that is so globally delicious? And who doesn't know pizza around the globe? From the frozen one in Norway to the thick Chicago style, to the Roman, Neapolitan, the rolled ones and the ones in the baking tin.

The idea to bring the longest pizza record to the USA was initially conceived back in 2015 by Fash Asvadi Director at and Italforni USA Ovens. The project officially started in mid 2016 and a team was put together that include the heavy hitters of the pizza industry such as Tony Gemignani, Giulio Adriani, Tom Leehman, John Arena, Fred Mortati, Massimo Balacchi, Mario Vollera and Jimmy DeSisto.

All throughout the planning, the generosity of the people involved has been beyond words.

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